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Fee Schedule

*No charge for appointments or live classes for anyone at or below 30% of Area Median Income
(must provide proof of income prior to booking)
* Fees are non-refundable, subject to change and must be paid prior to appointment
Credit Report
This is a tri-merge FICO credit report. The amount listed is the true cost that Credco charges per credit report pull. You may provide your own copy of a tri-merge credit report with all 3 FICO credit scores and credit obligation history from within the past 60 days for counseling or coaching. Credit histories from services like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame do not use FICO scoring models and we cannot use this.
Joint: $53.48
HUD-Certified Pre-Purchase Counseling:
Includes: unlimited 1-on-1 counseling appointments (additional credit reports may be needed)
– Client may take Homebuyer Education to complete certification process
$55.00 for Unlimited Appointments
Financial Coaching: Initial Financial Coaching appointment:
Follow Up Financial Coaching Appointment:
(all additional sessions free of charge; additional credit reports may be needed)
Down Payment Application Processing:
Includes: Session for Down payment application submission Application processing
– client must pay for a credit report or provide an equivalent copy in no updated copy on file.
Post Purchase/Re-finance
Initial Post Purchase Counseling:
– client must pay for a credit report or provide an equivalent copy
Follow Up Sessions:


$25.00 per session
Grant Subordination Appointment:
Includes: appointment with HUD-Certified housing counselor to review grant program guidelines, financial health when applicable, subordination application submission and application processing
– client must pay for a credit report or provide an equivalent copy if program subordination requires review of one
Foreclosure – Default Prevention
Fees for Service for the Foreclosure Prevention services are paid for through the NYS Attorney General’s HOPP Funds. There is no charge for counseling with a HUD-Certified housing counselor.
– when applicable, Foreclosure Prevention clients must pay for a credit report or provide an equivalent copy.
Educational Workshops
Homebuyer Education: In person 6 hour course
Online Homebuyer Education Course:
E-home America
Online Homebuyer Education Course:
Financial Literacy Course: Spend Smart
Landlord Training




Cancellation Fee to Reschedule Without 24 Hours Notice


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