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Home Repair Programs

Troy NOW Community Investment Program

The Troy Community Investment Program is made possible by American Rescue Plan Act, the City of Troy, and is being administered by the Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program (TRIP) as part of the TROY NOW Initiative.

Middle Market Strategy Area

The first project specifically focuses on Lansingburgh as a middle market- or an area in Troy that is on the edge between growth and decline.  It is neither the strongest neighborhood nor is it the most distressed.  It is a place where the housing is affordable, the quality of life; employment rates, school performance, and crime rates are good enough that new homeowners are willing to buy into the neighborhood but are playing the odds, because they don’t know if the trajectory of the neighborhood is up or down over time.  This area was chosen through an extensive study by CZB consultants in 2021 and funded by the Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation.  As a result, we have engaged neighbors in a multiyear project with the goal of both stabilizing and revitalizing the area from 103rd to 125th and from 6th to 9th Avenues.  Phase One of the project launched in 2022 – a front facing repair neighbor led and matching grant program.  To date the grant has invested $24,444.00 and leveraged $30,375 additional dollars across four streets and engaged 29 resident homeowners.  Front facing repairs included fence repair, window eave painting, stair replacement, and driveway paving.  Phase two is being funded through ARPA funds and will increase the scores of 20 properties from 4 to a score of 3 by adding half baths in 10 homes where there is currently only one bath and completing exterior improvements in 10-12 homes.

Troy Community Asset Investment Program

The larger community approach covers the entire geography of the City of Troy and is broken out into 3 separate matching grant opportunities including General Exterior Home Property Investments, Exterior Painting Home Property Investments, and Whole Neighborhood/Public Space Improvement Applicant Grouping.  These strategies were identified through data collected from TRIP’s rehabilitation program requests and inquires by residents to City Hall over the last 7 years.  The program will protect individual household assets across the whole City and inspire continued investment among others.

Please complete the pre-application by July 15th at 5pm as the first step toward determining eligibility to complete home repairs in several categories in your owner occupied home located in the City of Troy, NY.    This program requires a match from the homeowner as follows:  

  • 10% match for applicants who have household incomes at or below 80% AMI with one month of income proof-tax returns or other proof as determined by TRIP.  
  • 20% match for applicants who have household incomes between 80% AMI and 120% AMI with one month of income proof-tax returns or other proof as determined by TRIP.
  • 40% match for applicants who have household incomes above 120% AMI.

This pre-application will help us help you determine what type of projects your home may be eligible to complete based on owner occupancy and geographic location.  Please note, properties must be owner occupied and can only have 2 or less units in that property to be eligible for this project.  If you cannot complete this application on line please contact, call 518-272-8289. 

RCHR’s Mini-Repair Program-Currently ON HOLD

The Mini-Repair program run by Rensselaer County Housing Resources (RCHR) provides FREE LABOR to eligible homeowners for minor repairs. The Homeowner is responsible for the cost of materials.


  • Applicant must own the home
  • Home must be located in Rensselaer County
  • Applicants that are disabled or elderly, must have a household income under 80% AMI (see below)
  • Applicants that are not disabled or elderly must have a household income under 50% AMI (see below)


  • Porch and stair repair
  • Screen repairs
  • Installing handrails
  • Minor furniture and carpet repair
  • Minor roof work
  • Replacing window panes and caulking windows
  • Electrical: Replacing fuses, plugs, cords, etc.
  • Plumbing: Fixing faucets, replacing washers, unclogging drains, etc.
  • Painting: Minor painting and plastering
  • Insulation: Installing weather stripping and Wrapping hot water heaters
  • Safety Devices: Installing deadbolt locks, smoke detectors, etc.


  • Major painting or plastering
  • Extensive plumbing
  • Extensive electrical work
  • Exterior painting or siding
  • Jobs that require more than two days to complete
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*RCHR reserves the right to only accept repair jobs that are within the program’s repair scope and/or the Mini-Repair Coordinator’s capacity. Although RCHR does our best to accommodate repair requests as soon as scheduling permits, this is not an emergency repair program.

Interested in Applying?

Contact RCHR’s Mini-Repair Program at 272-8289 x 242 to be added to the wait list.

HomeOwner Repair Program

Currently Unavailable

The HomeOwner Repair Program is for homeowner occupied residential single family homes located in Rensselaer County. Eligibility for this program changes based on funding.  Currently, this program is made possible by funding from New York State Homes & Community Renewal’s Affordable Housing Corporation.

To be Eligible:

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  • Applicants must have a household income under 112% of the LOW AMI (see below).
  • Applicants must not have more than $15,000 in liquid assets (savings, checking, retirement accounts, stocks & bonds, etc) Home to be repaired is not counted as assets for this calculation, however additional properties would be considered.
  • Property must be up to date on mortgage, property taxes, and homeowners insurance at the time of application and upon start of the work.
  • Homeowner must occupy the property as their primary residence.
  • Property must be a single family home on a permanent foundation.

Once an application is determined to be eligible, an appointment is scheduled for RCHR’s housing rehab specialist to visit the home to identify and prioritize the type of repairs that are requested/needed/eligible up to $10,000 in assistance.

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This can include, but is not limited to:

Health & Safety Repairs, Roof replacement, Structural Repairs, Electrical Repairs, Plumbing Repairs, Heat System Repairs/Replacement, Window Replacement, Energy Efficiency Measures. Health & Safety repairs, and code-compliance corrections will be considered higher priority. Cosmetic Repairs are not eligible.

Applicants must be willing to sign a 5 year grant enforcement note and mortgage.

Interested in Applying?

Program Contact:

Outside Resources

CEO’s Weatherization and Home Repair – Rensselaer County

Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) offers energy audits and weatherization for homes throughout Rensselaer County. When funded, they can also including electrical, heating, plumbing, carpentry for basic safety and comfort. Limited to households earning under 60% of area median income.

Contact the CEO for more information online at or by phone at (518) 272-6012.

USDA 504 Loan/Grant

USDA Rural Development offers loans up to $20,000 as low as 1% interest for up to 20 years.  Available to households who earn under 50% of the median income.  As available, grant funds may be available to senior households (62 and older) at a maximum of $7,500. Limited to rural areas of Rensselaer County and beyond.

Contact USDA Rural Development for more information online at or contact the Greenwich USDA Office at (518) 692-9940.

NYSERDA’s Home Performance with Energy Star®

Take control of your energy use to save money and make your home more comfortable year-round. Here’s a great way to do it—with support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

There are several steps involved with this program, the first of which is having a comprehensive home energy assessment completed. The Affordable Housing Partnership also offers Home Energy Assessment to help you navigate your options.

Contact AHP for more information at or contact NYSERDA for more information at

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