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Troy Drug Free Community Coalition

TRIP is proud to partner with the Troy Drug Free Community Coalition (DFCC) and to host the organization at our office.

The Troy DFCC is a coalition of community members, police, schools, and others who seek to prevent substance abuse through the promotion of positive opportunities for Troy’s young people. Troy DFCC’s mission is to reduce substance abuse among young people and build a safer, more prosperous community for all—a mission that TRIP wholeheartedly endorses.

History of the Troy DFCC

The Troy DFCC emerged from the Troy Neighborhoods Action Coalition (TNAC), a consortium of the city’s numerous neighborhood groups. Many TNAC discussions focused on quality of life issues, including drug and alcohol abuse, crime, and disengaged youth.  The Troy DFCC was formed to focus more narrowly on these issues.

Scholarships for Positive Opportunities

In the beginning, some of the neighborhood groups began partnering with community police, youth  agencies, and the Weed and Seed Program. The focus was on providing youth with positive opportunities. These included scholarships to the Arts Center of the Capital Region and to sleep-away camps run by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. These early programs were highly successful and paved the way for Troy’s youth to change themselves for the better.

Community Social Host and Underage Drinking Ordinance

In 2007, house parties involving underage drinking, noise, and lewd behaviors surged in popularity. The DFCC approached the City Council to remedy the problem. Their efforts were successful: in 2008, the City Council amended the City Code of Ordinances by adding Chapter 130: “Community Social Host and Underage Drinking”.

The ordinance officially prohibits anyone under age 21 from purchasing or consuming alcohol in Troy. It codified consequences for violating the ordinance: a fine of up to $1000, up to 15 days in jail, or both. The DFCC’s initiative pushed the city to prioritize public health and safety, especially of Troy’s youth.

Partnership with Peers Educating Peers

After the success of the Social Host Law, the DFCC began looking into other ways to improve community involvement while addressing youth substance abuse. The result was a partnership with Peers Educating Peers (PEP), an initiative that encourages teens to educate one another on the dangers of substance abuse.

PEP and the DFCC organized a Paint the Boards project, which focused on beautifying abandoned homes and boosting neighborhood pride, particularly among Troy’s youth. During this time, the DFCC saw a surge in youth involvement in the coalition. This was especially significant due to the recent uptick in youth-involved car break-ins, shootings, and fights in Troy.

Rather than hiding from the chaos, Troy’s teens found strength in the DFCC and became more involved in the community. They reached out to police and city officials to obtain resources and put an end to the crimes committed by their peers.

Synthetic Marijuana Action Plan

In 2011, an influx of synthetic marijuana in Troy reached a fever pitch. Two stores in Troy were found to have been giving out free samples of the drug to teens, marketing it as “incense” to avoid detection.

The DFCC vowed to put an end to the spread of synthetic marijuana in Troy. Members were trained by the Rensselaer County Community Prevention Specialist to stop the spread of synthetic marijuana and educate the public on its dangers. The coalition also worked with the County Drug Free Community Coalition to devise and administer an action plan for preventing synthetic marijuana use.

Get Involved with the Troy DFCC

The Troy Drug Free Community Coalition involves community members from various sectors including youth (18 or younger),  parents, business, media, school, youth-serving organization, law enforcement, religious/fraternal organizations, civic/ volunteer groups, healthcare, government, and ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs) prevention organizations.

Troy DFCC meetings are open to the public and held monthly on the 3rd Monday of each month at 6 PM.  If you would like to get involved, contact Project Coordinator Davia Collington at 518-272-8289 ext. 216 or email

Related Information

If you have information about illegal drugs in Troy, call the Troy Drug Tip Line at 518-270-5004.

If you need help with a drug, alcohol, or gambling addiction, call 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369).

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